Palabras comunes que suenan igual en ingles. Palabras parecidas

A algunos estudiantes les complica este tema. No es  difícil, sólo deben leer cada verbo y aprender como se escriben y memorizarlos.  Se entienden por contexto naturalmente.

Los HOMÓNIMOS se clasifican en Homógrafos y Homófonos.
Los homófonos tienen diferentes significados pero se pronuncian de la misma forma aunque ortográficamente se escriban distinto.

Accept, Except
  • accept = significado del verbo aceptar o recibir: He accepted the gift.
  • except = es una preposition excepto: All my family went dancing except Alyson.

Affect, Effect

  • affect = significado del verbo influenciar: The weather will affect the game.
  • effect = resultado o consecuencia (sustantivo): I drank too much beer and it had an effect on my performance.
  • effect = efecto ; del verbo causar o lograr: The economy has effected a major change in the country.

Advise, Advice

  • advise = verbo que significa recomendar, sugerir, o aconsejar: My father advised me to be careful.
  • advice = sustantivo que significa una opinión o una recomendación. Can you give me some advice please?

Conscious, Conscience

  • conscious = consciente; significado del adjetivo despierto : The patient remained conscious but was taken to the hospital.
  • conscience = conciencia; sustantivo que significa el sentido de ser bueno: Carlos has a good conscience.

Idea, Ideal

  • idea = idea ; sustantivo que significa un pensamiento, una creencia, o un concepto llevado a cabo en la mente, o una noción o un concepto general formado por la generalización: William had a brilliant idea.
  • ideal = ideal; significado del adjetivo que incorpora un último estándar de la excelencia o de la perfección. Marcos was an ideal husband.

Its, It's

  • its = possessive adjective (possessive form of the pronoun it): The bird went into its cage
  • it's = contraction for it is or it has (in a verb phrase): It's raining; it's been raining for two weeks. Los pronombres tienen apóstrofes solamente cuando dos palabras se están acortando en una.

Their, There, They're

  • Their = possessive pronoun: They lost their money..
  • There = that place: My books are over there.
  • They're = contraction for they are: They're moving to London next year.

To, Too, Two

  • To = preposition, or first part of the infinitive form of a verb: They went to the party to dance.
  • Too = very (demasiado), also (tambien): My father is too old. I was hungry, too.
  • Two = the number 2: Two thieves came into the store.

We're, Where, Were

  • We're = contraction for we are: We're going to wait for you at the airport.
  • Where = location: Where is the party?
  • Were = a past tense form of the verb be: They were

Your, You're

  • Your = possessive pronoun: Your house is very far from here.
  • You're = contraction for you are: You're always making jokes.

All ready/already

  • all ready: adjetivo expresar el estado de preparación (Estar listo)
  • already: un adverbio que expresa tiempo. Significa ya.
At last I was all ready to go, but everyone had already left.

Anyone/any one

  • anyone: un pronombre que significa cualquier persona : Anyone who has a ferrari is rich.
  • any one: un adjetivo y un sustantivo que significan un artículo específico en un grupo: Any one of those books are handy to learn English.
Note: There are similar distinctions in meaning for everyone and every one

Anyway/any way

  • anyway: an adverb meaning in any case or nonetheless: He objected, but she went anyway.
  • any way: a paired adjective and noun meaning any particular course, direction, or manner: Any way we chose would lead to danger.

Awhile/a while

  • awhile: an adverb meaning for a short time; some readers consider it nonstandard; usually needs no preposition: Won't you stay awhile?
  • a while: a paired article and noun meaning a period of time; usually used with for: We talked for a while, and then we said good night.

Maybe/may be

  • maybe: an adverb meaning perhaps: Maybe we should wait until the rain stops.
  • may be: a form of the verb be: This may be our only chance to win the champion ship.
      Buy : (verb) - to purchase.
      By : next to something, by way of something.
      Bye : Short for goodbye.

  • Choose : A verb; to make a selection or a choice.
    Chose : past tense of the verb choose.
    Choice : (noun) choosing; selection.

            Cite : to mention something or to quote somebody.
            Site : the location of an event or object.

      Desert : to leave or abandon (desertar). Tambien significa desierto.
      Dessert : sweet food served after the meal. (Postre)

      Eat : to ingest food
      It : pronoun

      Four : number 4
      For : to indicate the object, aim, or purpose of an action or activity.

      Here : at the place (aqui)
      Hear : to perceive (sound) by the ear (oir).

      Knew : past simple of the verb [to know].
      New : recently created; the opposite of old.

      Know : (verb) to be familiar with someone or something (Saber/Conocer) .
      Now : at the present time or moment.
      No : negative reply, refusal or disagreement.

      Off : away, at a distance in space or time (also the opposite of on "The TV is off).
      Of : belonging to (de algo).

      Peace : opposite = war.
      Piece : a part of something (pedazo).

      Then : refers to time or consequence.
      Than : used for comparing

      Wander : to walk aimlessly or without any destination.
      Wonder : (noun) feeling of surprise and admiration. (verb) desire to know.

      Weather : the climate
      Whether : if

      Write : To form letters, words, or symbols on a surface with a pen or pencil.
      Right : morally good, proper. Also opposite of left.

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